Recreation in 3D

From all-round image capture, to printing your lifelike figurine.

Appreciate art? ditto
Like tech? ditto
Love fun? ditto

Ditto is the fun of realistically, and artistically, recreating yourself in 3D.
Remember an occasion, achievement, or special person. Collect a whole sports team,
your hero, or a precious pet. Why? Because you can. What you can do, is endless.

Our mobile scanning booth (technology exclusive in NZ) takes less than a second
to capture a second you. Once you have your high definition 3D images, you can
have fun using them online (check out our app), or print beautiful full-colour figurines.

Give memories substance. Make moments stand out.  

Ditto is all-round fun, for all.

To make an enquiry and find out what you can do with ditto,
contact Michael at michael.hurle@ditto.kiwi or +64 20 4134 2154