3D prints

Each print is a work of art and needs to be individually nurtured through the printing process. An artist checks every 3D print meticulously to ensure it is optimised for the printing process. 3D printing in full colour is not yet a mass production process.

We take pains to ensure the 3D print that arrives at your doorstep is worth the wait!

3D files

You can also order the 3D files from which your 3D print is made, so you can  even print it yourself in plastic. Or if you want to go full geek, you can just order the photoset and build your own 3D digital model!

While you can never take the exact same picture again, you can print it again and again!

Sizing and pricing

The material used in the 3D print is not cheap and so the size of the print is the biggest factor in determining its cost. The bigger you would like and the more people in the print, the more it will cost.

The size ranges from humble to downright narcissistic.

Adding a Base

Adding a base is a good idea, and we recommend this for smaller prints or when your pose is less stable, or you have a creative idea for your 3D print.

In fact, we add the base at no cost for the smallest prints (but can exclude it on request).



Your 3D print will take between 4 - 6 weeks to arrive. About the same amount of time as your graduation photos. And we will strive to exceed expectations. 

We use a print facility overseas which has state of the art full colour printers. If speed is of the essence, you can speed up both the processing and the shipping time, by adding 50% to the cost of your order.  


GST inclusive

All prices are inclusive of 15% GST.