Step 1

After reviewing your complimentary GIF files from the 3D scan, decide the size and number of 3D prints you would like, as well as any options like a base, or the digital files. 

We recommend the smaller prints for tokens and whimsical or creative ideas, the mid sized prints for the serious collector, and the largest print size for awards and bold statements.

Our most popular sizes are 12.5cm and 18 cm, and there is no loss of detail at this size. The smallest size does lose a bit of detail, but is cute and fun. 

We are happy to discuss your decision before you commit, as we really want you to be happy with your choice and with your Ditto when it arrives.   

Step 2

Send us an email with your choices. Call us to make payment by phone. Once you have paid for your 3D print, we can place the print order and you will start receiving automatic updates on print processing status and shipment.

Step 3

In 4-6 weeks we will receive your Ditto from the printer for one last review for quality and ship it on to you ASAP.